Black & White Casual. Hounds Tooth Pattern.


Hounds tooth is a well-known and old pattern which was always seen as very elegant and chic. With the latest tendency to give everything it’s personal character and edge, hounds tooth is being matched with unexpected items giving the whole outfit a bit of spice.

The goal of this post is to try to show you how to make the hounds tooth pattern look young again, changing it from old school to “very on time”! Hopefully you’ll get inspired and see it from a new perspective just like I did lately.

134579783216_MODP0198_039I’m a happy owner of these leggings & I have to say they look even better in real! Plus they’re now available in stores!


This post is the first of a 3 part Hounds tooth series, so stay toned for more!

‘Til next time,



6 thoughts on “Black & White Casual. Hounds Tooth Pattern.

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