With A View To The World

This post is clearly filled with inspiration although contains just three images. But in just these few there is so much to learn from! These interiors really open my mind to new and very creative  possibilities, and I hope it will do the same to you! And I don’t think I need to add how much I’d love to live in a place like this…! So much light, so much open space! I feel freedom just looking at it!

I could brag about these amazing spaces for long but I had a reflection lately on talking about beautiful things… I think it’s very difficult to talk about beauty. At least for me. Somehow I believe it justifies itself alone, and there are no more words to describe it that could give any value, that would be worth saying. Furthermore, spoken, they sound so empty that just the moment you say them, you know you should have just watched in silence. Now, I know a blog is also, or even mostly about written word, about those tickling groups of letters, but then again a blog also has a life. And in life it’s sometimes better to hold your silence. Just to not spoil the magic…

Been missin’ you!



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