Goodbye Summer. The Coast of La Mora.

While so many of you were posting about autumn wonders, I was still in the middle of summer…

I have to say that although I adore the summer freedom feeling, and always wished for it to last longer, this year I actually started missing autumn and wished to enjoy all that you were posting about… Good news is, I’m back in Poland (although not for long) and am finally having my bit of cool and color, which I hope to share with you in the nearest future.

But for now, this is my little goodbye to the sunny season and baths in the crystal clear sea that I enjoyed just a week ago…

I’ll miss most the warm nights in the company of thousands of falling stars, the long days that give you so much more time to work without getting that stressing feeling that the day is almost finished, and the sun itself that is enough to make my day!

What do you like most about summer? Please, share!


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer. The Coast of La Mora.

    • Ooh.. “wrap up warm and start the log fires burning”! That sounds warm! What I love about autumn and winter is the fireplaces beauty, cinnamon taste and hot teas with fresh fruits in it!

  1. Autumn is probably my favourite season! Here in northern Catalonia the colours are amazing at this time of year!
    Hope you’d share some images from Poland!

    • You live near the mountains, don’t you? It must be amazing there!

      About the imagines from Poland…I’ll try, but since the snow came way too early this year, I’ll probably have more of winter to share from here ;).

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