The Catalan Manifestation in Barcelona. 11th September 2012.

Last night one of my dear followers sent me a message asking me to make a new post cause it’s been a while since my last one. So here’s a new post specially for you, dear Follower! (Thank you for your motivation!)

On the 11 of September 2012 several millions of Catalans went out on the streets of Barcelona to declare their will of independence. I, although not Catalan, attended this event. My motive came from several factors, but I will mention here just few.

Most importantly I cannot understand how it’s possible that in the XXI century, after a strong history of world war from which we (in theory) learned, a region that once was an independent country, that ’til now has its own language, flag, anthem, traditions and culture; that is a nation of millions of people who wish no more than to have their freedom back, is fighting in peace for their independence for many years now, and still maintains a part of Spain which doesn’t respect any of the mentioned above… We talk a lot about how war is no solution, and how we’re all free, living in democratic Europe. But honestly, the way I see it, it’s no better than when Hitler or Franco were the leaders. There’s still aggression here. It’s just more hidden…

Secondly, I do want Catalonia to be independent. I was taught about by countries’ painful history, which my grandparents lived, and we too weren’t a country at some point. We were forced to speak another language. Fortunately we got our freedom back. The hard way though. What I can’t imagine is that our identity as Poles could have still been repressed by another nation. It wouldn’t feel right. It wouldn’t feel fair. And it just wouldn’t feel nor democratic, nor free.

This is not about 10 people wanting to get Catalonia back on the map. This is about millions, and millions means almost every Catalan all around the world! How could we not respect that? How could we not stand for that?

Another reason why I am for Catalonia’s independence, is that I, as a foreigner speaking Catalan am tired of Spanish people being impolite towards me just for the language I speak being in Catalonia. The constitution says clearly that one of the official languages there is Catalan, which means all public employees have the obligation to speak Catalan. Yet they refuse to. So it’s me who has to learn Spanish being in the territory of Catalonia… I never had such problem in any other two-language country I’ve been to.

So on the 11th of September 2012 I went out on the streets of Barcelona surrounded by a great crowd of cheerful Catalans waving their flag of independence. It was so overwhelming and so beautiful that I couldn’t help but shed a tear. That tear came from empathy. From the feeling of such unfairness that they still have to fight for something so basic. For their land. For their safe home… That tear came from joy. To be a part of such happy and peaceful event.

I was there for hours. Marching and finally standing stuck in one square. The amount of people gathered there made it impossible to move at some point. And although the discomfort coming from standing still, it felt like being with your best friends and family. Everyone enjoyed everyone. We talked with one another, we laughed, we sang and danced, and we helped one another when we saw such need. There were aged people in wheel chairs and newborns sleeping in their mother’s arms. There were tones of young people and families. There was no violence, no pushing, no screaming. It was more like a children’s parade than a manifestation.

I’m happy to have been a part of this beautiful even, and as I walked away back to the parking lot to get back to Tarragona, I just had one hope in my heart… For Catalonia to finally be free again.

P.S. I hope all people whose backs I show here will understand my motives and won’t mind that I put them out into the blogging world :).


4 thoughts on “The Catalan Manifestation in Barcelona. 11th September 2012.

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  2. You almost made me cry, my friend! I’m really impressed and thankfull for your post, specially coming from a non-catalan (although to me you are a Catalan for sure).
    My hope is that people from other countries know about our problem and help us, specially european ones. So thank you for your nice post.
    Visca Catalunya!

    • That’s so nice!

      It’s my pleasure to post about this, and I hope for the exact same as you! I believe Europe doesn’t know enough about what’s really happening. Spanish media deform the information in an almost pathetic way…

      Visca Catalunya lliure!

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