Re-Using Palettes

Palettes aren’t commonly used as furniture or decoration. But maybe that’s a mistake. There are countless ways on re-using and modifying them into a special deco piece!

I have my own palette thanks to buying a new fridge, and I’m surely going to take benefit from it! My vision was to turn it into a tea-table but with the classic way the living room is starting to look now, it doesn’t seem to fit anymore. However it will be re-used. That is sure!

How would you re-use a palette? Please, share your idea!


22 thoughts on “Re-Using Palettes

  1. Hi b&wc. I think that we should pass the hat around and see if we can collect enough to buy you some real furniture 😉 Hugs. Ralph x

  2. Lovely idea! I like the first photo: I want that bedroom! 🙂
    I also love the table in the last photo.
    I’ll love to hear what you’ve done with yours.

    • Yes, it’s so fresh! Perfect place to wake up!

      For now I made a mini sofa adding a carpet from ZARA HOME. I think it looks pretty cool. Maybe I’ll post about it some time later.

  3. Beautiful ideas! I really love the first two bedroom ideas but also the fourth and fifth one, it makes the place so much more cosy! Maybe I will try them myself if I find the time ..

  4. Ha ha – I thought you meant ‘palettes’ as in Aritists’ …. great ideas anyway. Come to think of it , a few colourful artists’ palettes would look good on the walls somewhere too.

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