The Street Art of Tarragona

Tarragona, although very old and mainly with historical architecture, is a live city . People here know how to have fun and it seems its whole population gathers to enjoy every moment of any party that takes place here. And once they start partying they don’t finish the same day. They spread the fun to the whole week! And each and every day is fulfilled with different activities! One of those are castells which I described in a different post.

I guess it’s one of the characteristics of Catalan and Spanish cities to organize parties that last one whole week. In Tarragona they call this time Santa Tecla Festival.

Anyways, as I was wandering the streets of this atmospheric place, I noticed few interesting street art pieces. One of them I presented to you earlier. Take a look what else I found:


One thought on “The Street Art of Tarragona

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