Fall Trend. Animal Print. Snake.

It’s Sunday and after several days of pouring rain the Sun is shining again. With so many of you writing about the jazzy atmosphere of autumn, and hot cups of tea to keep you warm in your cosy houses, I actually started missing autumn. But now, after few days of melancholic weather, it’s good to get some warmth again!

Anyway, today’s post is probably my favorite animal print selection. And since the weather is much cooler despite the sun, they maintain in a autumn vibration.

Chic and elegant! Pencil skirts are a blessing for femininity! Glad they’re back!

Subtle mixing of patterns.

These flats are just gorgeous! Perfect for long walks when you want to be comfortable and keep looking glamorous.

To shop for the flats from Loeffler Randall from the last photo go here. They’re currently on sale!

Enjoy your peaceful Sunday!


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