Fall Trend. Snake Braid.

Every season has changes in fashion and hairstyle. And we especially like to change our hair-does for autumn! So what’s up in hair this fall? Braids! Of course it’s not the only thing fashionable now (I’ll write about the rest of hair trends later) but it’s a great occasion to show you these snake braids. They’re very original, and combine both braid and animal trend! Plus they’re so easy to make!

My mom actually made me this braid for my First Holy Communion. Looked lovely & I was jumping from happiness!


To make a snake braid, split your hair into three sections and do a normal braid. Once you’re finished braiding, take the left and right end of the braid and put them together, leaving the middle section alone. Hold them where they end and pull the hair of the those two sides up. Next pull the pieces slowly down from the top of the head so that the braid loosens a bit.

Have fun braiding!

‘Til next post!


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