Fall / Winter Trend. Animal Print.

I have began to write about this season’s trends in an earlier post. But this season is about much more than burgundy. And to my delight, one of the spring/summer trends that continue in fall is animal print. It took me years to be brave enough to wear animal print! But ever since I got the courage to go for what I liked so much, I couldn’t be happier! Animal print is definitely my thing!

That’s why I’ll be making several posts on this topic, featuring outfits and accessories, and other details that feed my eyes. Hopefully you’ll like them too!

My favorite prints are snake and leopard.

What is your favorite animal print? Please share and stay tuned for more!


10 thoughts on “Fall / Winter Trend. Animal Print.

  1. Okay Julita. Young men should not speak about things they don’t know much about but… leopard print? I wonder who invented it…

    My favorite animal print is zebra print. I once had a pair of pajamas in that fashion…

    Leopard print…

    I wonder what the little prince would say about it…

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