Kitchen Table

I like all rooms to have a lot of open space, especially kitchens  living rooms. There is something cosy about kitchens that makes you want to stay there longer instead to move to the dinning room to take your meal and have a tea time talk. At least that’s what I felt living with my parents as a child and observing all the family and friends that visited our home. We’d always spend half of the day in the kitchen cause that’s where our guests would somehow feel most at home.

I also like to watch people cooking (although I prefer to be alone when I am the chef) & pass or cut whatever needed. It always leads to close conversations and brings the family members together. And there’s no better way to do all that then at a table. And that’s why I think a kitchen table is something important even though it takes a lot of that special space.

Love these old style fridges and benches!

Love this interior most of all!

Those metal chairs once more…

Where do you usually eat your meals?


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