Catalan Adventures. Street Art. Tarragona.

I promised I’d make some posts about my summer adventures, and I have to say I’ve been making photos specially for you and am ready to reveal them.

I’m starting off with a city called Tarragona which is situated in Catalonia and is one of the main cities of this depended country. This city is somewhat special to me since it’s where I am to be spending more time, and creating my home (probably one of few on my way).

This place has a lot to offer although it doesn’t have a metropolis atmosphere like Barcelona does. (This is partly good. It’s easier to live here and move around. The vibe is more home-like.) But what it surely has, and has a lot of it, is a rich history and tradition, which I will try to introduce you to step by step.

Tarragona is rich in beautiful buildings and colors. It’s streets hide interesting artistic ideas in almost every corner.

So this is how they pull it off in Catalonia:

This is just a short introduction to the urban side of Tarragona. It’s just a small detail of this pretty place that caught my eye.

What about you? Have you ever been to Catalonia?


14 thoughts on “Catalan Adventures. Street Art. Tarragona.

  1. Nice details! Right now the situation in Catalonia is very interesting as Catalan people have been very clear with their wish of independence.
    I’ll like to see more of Tarragona, since I’ve only been there once.

      • I didn’t, because I was away on vacation. But I spended the whole afternoon in front of the tv watching the march. I wished I could be there! We are all very excited πŸ™‚

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