The Braid

Having long hair has a very obvious advantage, that is giving the option to make many very different hair does. Braids, however common, can create unique and new hairstyles in a fast and easy way.  If you’re familiar with braiding your hair, you can easily create new styles just by changing some detail of your usual, favorite braid.

Double french braid

Basket weave braid

Fish bone braid

Tutorials on making any kind of braid can be found on Just enter the name of the braid you’d like to do and you’ll find hundreds of results.


13 thoughts on “The Braid

      • Hi b&wc. That is really very kind of you to ask. Yes. They have both cooled down especially at night, though the weather is very hot during the day. And how about yourself?
        Take care. Ralph x

      • I’m suffering the party of Tarragona each night lately… And the weather doesn’t seem to have changed much. Although it’s true, some nights are much cooler. Not this one though…

        I wish you a lovely night! Sleep well :)!

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