Fall Color – Burgundy

Burgundy – the color of my passport and the leading color of fall 2012 is also nowhere near my choice when it comes to clothes. That is for the simple reason that it just doesn’t suit me well. At all! So if I were to go for anything bordeaux the following season it would be shoes, pants, a skirt or a bag. Basically anything that doesn’t get near my face…

Despite the fact the color isn’t friendly with me, I do like it, and find it very attractive in combination with black and gray, as well as some shades of orange that give it a lot of life. And that’s exactly how I’d wear it if I’d decide to purchase a new fall fashionable item to fit my “burgundyless” closet.

This post is for all of you who look great in burgundy! Wear it and enjoy it since it does so much good for you!

With animal print ballerinas – very nice!

Wide leg pants once more. Very feminine and sweet as well.

Burgundy + Orange = Perfect Match

One for the men.

What’s your favorite color?


5 thoughts on “Fall Color – Burgundy

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