When I was a child I adored writing on blackboards and wished to have one for my own at home, where I could get “blackboard crazy”. There was something special about the white writing on a black surface, which was opposite of all school notebooks. The chalk was smooth and left a silky coat on the fingers, and the blackboard could be fulfilled and emptied easily countless times… However ’til this day I never got a blackboard, and looking at these interiors I feel that childhood wish coming back…


A brick wall undoubtably gives a special look!

And a special final touch, a little bit of blackboard wisdom:

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend and see you next time!


7 thoughts on “Blackboarded

  1. couldn’t agree more with your post. Lovely pictures. Have recently started painting my Ikea-bought (wooden) boxes with blackboard paint and using them as chalkboard notepads – basically along the lines of the second picture you posted here!

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