The Kitchen

Today I present to you one of my favorite kitchens. It’s white and rustic, and has a lot of vintage style pieces. Its’ surface seems never-ending (oh, how much I’d give for a kitchen this big!) and, thanks to huge windows, light fulfills every corner of its’ area.

This kitchen has special details that make it specially charming! It’s a place where you can do anything and everything, from the obvious cooking, eating and cleaning to the unusual dancing, writing and painting! There’s place and light for everything! Plus it’s super cosy and has that special home atmosphere. What more can you ask for?


I think my favorites in this place are the closet, the glass-case and the scratched white hanging lamps.

What do you think of this kitchen? Please, share!



13 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. Love this white and rustic themed kitchen! With the big windows, the natural light really lights up the whole place. My favourite thing of white themed rooms is that you can easily play with certain accessories to add a pop of colour. In this case, the fruits and flowers did it perfectly!

  2. the white floors are what makes the space so wonderful – and as you say, the light. i would be tempted to have a couple of non-white things to throw the balance out (-and it would be a bugger to keep clean!)

  3. This is incredible. Very European. I love it. I want it too 🙂
    Everything that has a touch of age is ideal in there. I hope the fresh swanky part of the kitchen too in time will catch up the closet.

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