Candle light. DIY candle holders.

There are many ways on lighting a room, but nothing is as warm and romantic as candle light.

Today I present you some unique and stylish ways to make a candle holder, starting on wood and ending on rock. Take a look and get inspired!

Pastels look so good together! Fresh and light. This wooden candle holder is very easy to make. If you want a vintage look, just scratch the painted wood irregularly with sandpaper.

Wine bottles painted white – very chic and classy. And again very easy to do!

Concrete candle holders.

This is probably my favorite! It’s vintage and chic in one. Just what I look for!

I find these idea’s much more interesting than any candlestick you can purchase in stores. Home made things add character to an interior like no other decoration! I’m planning on having a lot of such personally details at home!

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