Vintage Style. Re-Using Suitcases.

After returning from the beach and painting my toes pinkish red, it’s time to make a post! Yes, I’m having my little bit of vacation. But I’m also constantly thinking of interior designing since I’m exactly in the middle of arranging my flat.

So this time, I’m back with some re-usage idea’s since I haven’t posted anything in that topic for quite a while. I’d love to use some of these but I don’t have any old suitcase which is such a shame cause I absolutely adore them!

Now, that is very creative!

I love all furniture and decorations scratched as if they were very old & had a long story to tell!

Love all things white!

A suitcase night table, as well as a magazine or book night table make a lovely detail.

I adore this idea! I saw a similar one in the window dressing of Massimo Dutti & had to stop to look!

More suitcase re-use idea’s coming soon!

How would you use an old suitcase?


12 thoughts on “Vintage Style. Re-Using Suitcases.

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