Greenhouse Interiors

I never thought of creating a room in a greenhouse until I saw these images. Building an interior in a such place gives you an amazing view and impression of a large, open space.

I believe a piece of solid wood furniture is necessary in such case! Or at least something close to nature.


Oh, what a view!

A greenhouse kitchen is an excellent idea! This one looks brilliant! Everything here is well thought through.

If you own a greenhouse, I encourage you to put there a table with chairs and eat now and then candlelight suppers! At least that’s what I would do…




9 thoughts on “Greenhouse Interiors

  1. I really like the finish in the Kitchen in the third image and what an awesome space, may be I should look at this more closely…..ideas running away with me…a studio/work-space design, oh no! my interior design degree mind is kicking in. Thanks for the inspiration

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