“Bed Time Story”

Come to take a nap with me

lay down beside me peacefully

hold my hand as we fall asleep

into our dreams sweetly and deep

and smile through our rest heavenly

cause all things send signs silently

that joy is arriving into our hearts

as we become one from two parts…

Written by Julita Wozny on 17th August 2012


8 thoughts on ““Bed Time Story”

  1. Ohoho! Julita writes fancy poems now!

    There’s this poem I’ve been working on… but I’m stuck on finding a rhyme for the word orange. Can you help me out, poetess?

    PS: I suspect there is a connection between these three seemingly unrelated facts:
    1. Julita writing love poems
    2. Julita being busy lately
    3. Julita not having the time to tell me her favorite book

    It smells of butterflies and rose petals and perfumed oils and fluffy pillows!

    • sporange

      Well, writing poems is nothing new for me… I’ve been doing this for years. I just never showed what I wrote.

      I see you have a logic mind, Vincent Mars. But that’s no Sherlock Holmes yet… πŸ˜‰

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