The Fancy Couple

Casual elegance is always in fashion. It’s somehow unforced and free, as if there was nothing special about it. And I guess it would be true to say I am a casual elegant type. I’m a suit jackets, blouses, hats and scarfs, arm bags, dresses and skirts wearer. And I like the same in men. That is elegance, not arm bags, dresses and so on…  I enjoy that style type for many reasons. Because it makes me feel physically comfortable (seriously) and appropriate in any place and time, as well as it resembles my character which doesn’t mean I swallowed a stick and am dead serious all time.

White Lovers

That skirt and belt are amazing! I adore this outfit!

Grey Hats

Very charming. And I’m not talking only about the smile, but the outfit as well.

A comfortable everyday look. Simple and classy.

The Tweeds 

I love the mixing of patterns; the elegance with the broken jeans.

The outfits I found are to me absolutely fantastic! I love each and every one of them! I paired them in two making three fancy couples giving them the first name that came to my mind. That’s a lot of numbers for one sentence, isn’t it?

Now go ahead, tell me what you think?!


4 thoughts on “The Fancy Couple

  1. Very interesting. I feel quite stylish after reading this. I bought a blazer a couple of weeks ago for a smart-casual look. I nearly bought a linen trilby for when the sun shines, but they were white! We have sunshine in England now, maybe I should have bought the hat?

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