Nowadays. Modern Kitchens.


I’m not a fan of modern style interiors since most of them look very cold and untouchable. They seem more a museum than a place to actually use and live in.  However I took the challenge and looked for modern kitchens, and ended up with several that really caught me! The main component of a modern kitchen is the presence of metal items. And I have to agree that they look great!

I love this place for several reasons: the brick wall, the metal chair-gorgeous(!), and of course for the pink fridge that’s a fun detail for this industrial kitchen.

Of course this one dragged my attention with old doors and beautiful pastels…! I’m also a fan of kitchen islands.

Re-used glass lights, metal, white, wood and simplicity create a perfect modern kitchen.

There seems to be a lot happening here but I believe it’s just the perspective of this particular photo. When you look closer, separating all the parts, the kitchen appears very simple. I like the black details and once again, the metal chairs.

I know tomorrows starts the week and a whole lot of work ahead, but keep your chin up, Monday’s not all that bad!


2 thoughts on “Nowadays. Modern Kitchens.

    • I understand you, I wouldn’t choose a pink fridge neither :). But here it fits the picture.

      It seems comfortable. Your first choice was still best. But I think this could do. If it really does give you more options that is…

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