King Bed. Four-Poster Beds.


A good sleep gives energy for the whole day. That’s why a comfortable bed is what keeps you happy since you wake up til the moment you go to bed. The comfort of a bed is mostly associated with its’ size and with the well matched mattress.  But what is also important, and what we tend to forget about while choosing a bed, is the atmosphere in the bedroom which comes from details and personal choices.

If I were to choose a bed now, I’d go for a four-poster bed. This kind of bed needs a big surface and soft colors to not look heavy. The curtains thrown on the sides give it lightness and provide an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Just what we look for in a bedroom!

I adore old suitcases not only for decor reasons but also wish to have one for travel purposes.

This bed is amazing! Reminds me Japanese style. Simple and high quality. Would love to wake up here! The only thing I’d change is the night table.

Partly scrubbed off paint makes a great vintage effect.

This place has a beach house vibration which makes sense since it’s located by the sea. The colors are so calming. Clean, fresh and so summer like!

Love the carpet!

I don’t get much sleep recently. I go to bed late and I wake up early. That’s why I really need a good bed to get the necessary minimum of night rest.

What is your sleeping routine? Are you a night owl or rather an early bird?




5 thoughts on “King Bed. Four-Poster Beds.

  1. I like the atmosphere of the last picture. It’s warm. With sunny spells waking you up in the morning… Mmh, what a lovely beginning of the day!

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