The More The Better. Arm Candy!

I wrote a post about bracelets with watches. Now it’s time for more arm candy! These really drag my attention and make my eyes happy!

There’s a lot happening here and I probably wouldn’t be capable of wearing so much bracelets at once. But I have to say the combination is oh, so lovely!

 So subtle!

 I usually dislike gold & silver shades worn at once but here they go very well together!

The last gold & black bracelet looks very interesting. Makes a bit of a 3-D effect. Love it!

I can’t help it! I’d like to have each and every one of these! They’re so gorgeous and look so great all together! Don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “The More The Better. Arm Candy!

  1. Oh my! But one needs some special ability to wear all those things together… Don’t they make the arm heavier? I would not like to receive a slap from any of those hands.

    • I exactly know what you meant, my sister on the beginning of the 90’s was wearing all that stuff and even more, she had “long hands” …you know what I mean, and I have bad memories from that…

  2. -“excuse me, do you know where Dawn street?”
    -“of course, first turn to the right” (kling klang kling…)
    then continuous straight on (klong, kling kling, kitykling…)
    and I guess no far from there… (kling rekitytytykling klang…)
    you’ll find a sing that says… (kilng kling klang klang) …cul-de-sac!

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