Summer-Fresh Messy Buns

Hair left loose is probably most feminine. But summer likes to tease with hot temperatures. That’s when a hair band comes in handy!

I know high buns are very popular these days, but even such simple hairdo could use some refreshing from time to time. Here are some propositions for a fresh summer hairstyle look!

Seems to be a low banana bun. Such a 60’s look!

Side bun with hair left loose. Very fresh and romantic.

This simple loose high bun looks so nice with a trench coat!

I like to play with my hairdo, trying out new ideas that often come from a wave of creativity. The one I present to you may not be a discovery to be honest. It’s just a messy low bun with hair left loose in the front, which I actually seem to enjoy most of all!

To achieve this look, you have to do the exact same as with any other bun. Just don’t care about hair coming out. Let it “live”! If you have wavy hair, this hairstyle should suit you perfectly. If they’re straight like mine, you can curl just a few top layers, including the front and voila! You have your perfect summer-fresh messy bun!

I’m looking forward to finding out what’s your favorite summer hairdo!


9 thoughts on “Summer-Fresh Messy Buns

  1. I planned to shave my head bald this summer, but I will probably not do it. πŸ™‚

    I think pretty women should become even prettier by cutting their hair short. A woman with short hair is second only to a woman with a fancy hat!

  2. I think a woman with long hair gives her so much versatility for looks and styling. I feel women with short hair look rather macho with no flexibility and rather bland. ( am I in trouble again b&wc?)

    • You have a point there, Ralph. Long haired women have more options and can use their hair to create a look depending on what they fancy at the moment. In fact, I think that’s the main reason why I keep my hair long!

      I don’t think that short hair in women is macho-like or bland. Unless it’s badly cut or badly worn…

      Generally long hair adds femininity and subtlety. It’s something created for centuries.

  3. Sometimes in the heat I wish I could shave off my hair but then being a woman I have no such choice unless I become a nun or something. So it’s totally buns for me throughout. How do you do it for straight silky black hair? I clasp mine with big plastic clips with the ends sprouting in all directions at the top.

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