The Queen And Princess Celebrate. Gardens.

I’d like to share with you my garden dream. I dream to have a garden in which I could take morning breakfast with my family. I suppose this romantic dream comes not only from my romantic nature but also from my past experience. When I was a little girl, I use to visit my grandparents and stay over for the night. In the morning, my grandma and I would prepare a delicious and colorful outdoor breakfast. We’d have lots of garden fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, grandma style coffee and self-made ice-cream. We’d sit together listening to the music of nature and share stories. We’d speak one language. The sun would always make us company.

I remember how wonderful it felt to smell fresh air mixed with delicious food. I remember the wonderful warmth of the sun caressing my summer hungry skin. And I remember the cosy feeling of being close to my grandma, close to her heart. She always inspired me to dream. This time was our little queen and princess celebration…

Do you also have a garden dream?



13 thoughts on “The Queen And Princess Celebrate. Gardens.

  1. Summer hungry skin. I will add that to my phrase hoard, if you don’t mind.

    I don’t like summer that much to tell you the truth. I prefer all other seasons to it, especially winter.

    • Go ahead! It’s an honor to hear my “bla-blaing” reaches a place on your phrase hoard!

      Every season has its’ charm and is made to be different so everyone can have their happy season.

  2. Beautiful images and sweet , lovely dream!
    I have a small balcony full of herbs and roses, there is a small table with 2 chairs there . Sometimes have breakfast or dinner with my husband in this small balcony and also prefer to sketch there almost everyday. But dreaming about a big garden with much roses and herbs is so sweet and I’m dreaming such a garden too. Wish your garden dream come true too♡

    • How lovely of you to share that! 🙂 Thank you so much! I also have a balcony which is quite big so I plan to create there a little garden dream. Balconies can be beautiful as well! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

    • Wish you luck in getting them to come out with you! I’m sure they’ll love it once they start :). And I know how difficult it is to arrange the place you’re living when you have so much everyday duties. Unfortunately I don’t have a garden, just a big balcony which I intend to turn into a sort of garden, but I’m still far far from my vision, and it’s 2 years so far…

      Thank you for visiting and sharing a personal thought!
      I wish you a lovely day!

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