The Joy Of Working. Personal Workspaces.

After school years I never really liked desks. And I guess it was associated with the huge amount of homework I was given by my teachers. Each one of them thought their subject is most important and should be center of our attention. So me and my classmates would be overloaded with work at home… That was only high school though. Earlier I actually enjoyed doing homework. Not to mention studies that were a whole different world.

It’s been a while since I graduated, and I feel my sympathy to desks has come back. Now as I work, I feel I could really use a workspace. It would spare me a lot of time, and also I’m sure I’d have lots of fun creating it! It would be my own little sanctuary that I’d approach with delight!

If I were to choose one of these workspaces, I’d definitely go for the first one! I absolutely adore it! Almost everything there is beautiful – the raw wooden floor, the  big windows, the combination of brown and white, the flowers that add life, the mixing of new and old… My space would probably be a bit more tidy and organized (most of the time that is) but the atmosphere would stay the same.

And you, do you have your own workspace? What’s it like?


13 thoughts on “The Joy Of Working. Personal Workspaces.

  1. I like the third actually. The first looks fine, but that chair does not seem comfortable at all.

    My workspace is a cream desk with a black chair, both immobile in a white room with yellow stripes I’ve designed and painted myself and which I philosophically like to call Symmetry of Ideas or something fancy like that.

    • You’re right. That chair doesn’t seem much of a comfort zone. But we could be wrong on that. The only way to know is to sit on it.
      Of course I’d choose something very comfortable for my working time.

      Symmetry of Ideas! It seem to be an interesting place. At least, as the content of “Boy With a Hat” shows, it’s very inspiring! Don’t let the sunlight take away its’ yellowness!

  2. The desk and atmosphere from the first picture with the chair from the second- that would be what I’d have. I think the chalkboards on the door in the third picture is really cool too.

    My workspace is chaotic with inspiration boards all over the place.

    • I like that combination. Although, however this white and glass desk is very pretty, it’s not very functional. It gets dirty too easily. I know – I had it.

      I like inspiration boards. They make the place so personal!
      Thanks for sharing!:)

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