Animal And Aztec, Neon And Pastel!

This season is all about animal and Aztec print, as well as pastels and neon. Plus a hundred more trends like lace, peplus, wedges and so on. So…

…however this may look, I’m not a fashion freak that blindly follows any new trend. I’m quite clear about the things I like and dislike. Surely I won’t wear something that doesn’t make my eyes happy. I just happen to like all four mentioned trends, and was wearing them by coincidence (believe me or not) all together. That’s when I decided to share with you this everyday outfit.

 T-shirt – Mango, sweater – H&M, jeans – A Wear, belt and bag –, shoes – ZARA, watch – Wittnauer

What do you think about it? Which trends for this season do you like? I’d be more than glad to hear your reflections and opinion!


5 thoughts on “Animal And Aztec, Neon And Pastel!

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