Paper-Made Ballerinas

Shoes are a very important piece of garment. And I’m not saying this as a shoes-obsessed woman. I’m not specially addicted to buying and having plenty of shoes. However what is important to me, as well as it is to a great part of people, is comfort. Shoes really should be comfortable. Otherwise not only our feet suffer but so do our nerves. And nothing is pleasant and joyful when our nerves are broken…

Another thing is the material from which the shoes are made. Once again natural materials are very important for the comfort and health of our feet.

Besides all the above, it would be real wonderful if the shoes were pretty and unique. I admit, I can’t wear shoes I don’t find nice. No matter how comfortable they’d be…

So what if we had all that, plus the shoes were made from recycled material? Is that even possible? Colin Lin proves us it is possible! And I think the effect is pretty nice! See for yourself.

How do you like these Rebecca recycled newspaper ballet flats by All Black? Would you were them? If so what would you wear them with?


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