Lace Shorts Are Not PJ’s.

Laces? Absolutely! Lace shorts? Hhm… I’m not so sure…

It’s very easy to make lace shorts look like a pajama. Too easy… So here are some tips on how to make them look like an actual outfit.

1) Avoid wearing them only with a T-shirt. If you go for a T-shirt always put some jacket, shirt, vest or sweater (I’d go for a heavy-looking sweater to add more contrast to the whole outfit, bring the “lightness” a bit to the ground) on top. A top or T-shirt alone will be ok if they are original, and go with appropriate jewelry and bag.

2) Choose an elegant, light shirt that has a “going out” look and tug it in or leave it out with a belt crossing it in the low waist/hips line.

3) When it comes to shoes, anything can fit depending on what you choose for the top. Even sneakers, if you are willing to play with your look and make it a bit edgy.

To resume:

This last outfit looks very feminine and sexy but in my opinion it “smells” a bit lingerie look. I’d definitely add a simple long black jacket here.


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