Pleated, please!

At first I wasn’t convinced with pleated skirts since I don’t wear long skirts, and most of pleated skirts are long. But suddenly, while making research on the topic, I started actually wishing for one! Some of you may understand why, after you see what I found… It’s not just about the skirts alone but the outfits all together. They’re definitely something I would wear!  I have to admit that pleated skirts are one of the most feminine type of skirts I’ve seen. I adore the way they move!

Take a look.


4 thoughts on “Pleated, please!

  1. The photo you posted from asos I won’t say it’s actually plated, but all of them are summer fresh, sexy and elegant, you are good choosing! 🙂

  2. I’m starting to love the pleats look, check out my Grafitti OOTD post and tell me what you think..honestly we’d been out all day and my skirt got so wrinkled I had to do some editing on my pics, but the pleats are still there…somewhere!

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