Pure Home. White Interiors.

skona hem white on white corner

skona hem white on white corner 

I love white interiors. They seem so fresh, pure, clean, esthetic… but most of all they leave a great space for imagination and creativity. A white interior is like canvas. You can put there whatever you like and give it its own character. You can make it live.

The only problem with them, is that you really have to free your mind to make them nice and cosy… and interesting. That doesn’t however mean, you should add colors with every single detail you put to it. At all! I say, keep it simply. Add things that mean something to you, that are special. Add frames with photographs catching dear people and moments. Add paintings that you like (never let a designer choose that for you!). Take a bow to mother nature and add flowers, plants, rocks, sand, sea shells… Add hand-made and recycled things. Nothing brings more color than the things that make you smile and express your joy of life.

And the most fun part, is that you can always start from zero with no costs, creating a totally new interior… Simply “repaint” your “canvas”. Hello adventure!

white interiors

white interiors-kitchen

white interiors-bathroom


4 thoughts on “Pure Home. White Interiors.

  1. “a great space for imagination and creativity” – you must be an arist. 🙂

    i think i’m in love with your house. it’s my exact description of “home” 🙂 great job!

  2. However much I’d love this was my house, it isn’t. But I do take inspiration from it, and I may be posting some photos of my own place some time later. For now it’s still in “construction”.

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